Hunt Application

MEGAstuff Hunt 2: December 5 - January 2

This is the application for the MENstuff portion of the MEGAstuff Hunt 2 – a hunt for MENstuff, WOMENstuff, and HOMEstuff combined. You do NOT have to fill out an application for ALL groups. Hunt participation is VOLUNTARY. Apply only to the group(s) where you hold a ‘stuff designer tag. If you are an approved designer for more than one ‘stuff group and would like to participate in one of the other ‘stuff hunts you MUST fill out the hunt application for that particular group.

In an effort to help minimize store drop outs, there is now a $100L fee per application to join the hunt. If you have or place a gift in the lounge prior to applying, the fee is reduced to $50L per application. In return, each hunt gift will have a purchase price to be paid to you, the designer, by the hunter of $1L. The application fee MUST be paid to MENstuff Resident by November 30th or the application will not be accepted. (If your application is for WOMENstuff and/or HOMEstuff, the fee still must be paid to MENstuff Resident – he’s the one that started it all!)

As always, the hunt order is based on a first come, first served basis (sponsors ALWAYS take the top spots). Spaces are limited so don’t delay!