about us & group guidelines

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About Us

The Menstuff group was created as an alternative for the previously successful Make Him Over group. When a small number of designers and bloggers in the men’s fashion community learned that the Make Him Over group was to close we decided to join forces and gather as many of the previous designers and members together to continue on the long tradition of great information and hunts that the Make Him Over group gave us.

The Menstuff group is intended to be a full service group for menswear designers to provide Second Life members with information on their newest releases and sales, as well as organising a number of events, hunts and other activities as a way to give back to their customers.

While a number of other groups have also been created for the same purpose, we intend to do our utmost to make Menstuff the best group for men in SL. We welcome casual group chat and advice on styles and clothing. We will not support any kind of intolerance of others. As it’s been said many times, this is a no drama group… and we mean it.

If you haven’t joined up yet, you can find us in world by searching for Menstuff under groups or from any participating designers or members profile. Menstuff is an open enrollment group and will remain so.

We look forward to you joining us.

Group Guidelines

The Menstuff in-world group is fairly easy going. There’s generally a lot of casual chat taking place between members as well as regular group notices advertising new releases and events that our members may be interested in. We do, however, have a few guidelines that we would appreciate you follow as either a member or a designer in the Menstuff group.

Designer Guidelines

  • Designers please, don’t use the chat group to promote your MM’s, lucky boards etc. If you are an approved designer, you have rights to send notices. So please, use notices to promote your store.
  • It is a MALE FASHION GROUP.  Only send notices about your male or unisex items. Yes, boys may have girlfriends or wives, but this is not the group to promote female stuff.
  • You are allowed two notices per week only (the week starts on Sunday SL time). Notices should be about your store releases or sales.  Avoid using all caps in your notices as a professional courtesy.
  • During hunt events, have your hunt item out with the correct permissions BEFORE the hunt begins.
  • You must put out the Menstuff group inviter at your store.
  • Don’t spam the chat – you can be ejected.
    *Spam consists of but is not limited to any non ‘stuff links. Allowable links: ‘stuff directories, the lounge, SLurls to ongoing ‘stuff events (parties, gatherings, etc.), links of pictures in reference to finding where to purchase a specific type of hair/skin/etc. (No store SLurls allowed.)
  • This group is chatty;  we are a community of people and all topics are okay as long as they remain positive.  If you have feedback or concerns contact SkinTrader Greyskin or AlexAvion Resident.

Group Chat Guidelines

  • Group chat is rated as Moderate.  We reserve the right to close group chat any time if respect is not maintained.
  • Do not break SL TOS rules under any circumstances.  Do not make discriminatory comments (including but not limited to racism, religion, politics, or sexual orientation).  It will not be tolerated.  If you have questions, refer to the Second Life TOS.
  • It is ok to talk about diverse subjects in the group, but please use common sense. If you don’t want to participate of the chat conversation, close the window. If you find the chat topic offensive, notify a ‘stuff team member.
  • If someone asks for help, help if you can.  That is what the group is about.
  • Do not pass items in the chat. Do not ask for hair, clothes, shoes, etc. If you need something, ask for suggestions and/or landmarks.  (SLurls are not allowed in chat.)
  • Asking for lindens is prohibited.
  • We do not support content theft.  If caught passing ripped/copybotted items, you will be banned from the group, the original creator notified,  and an abuse file reported to Linden Lab.
  • No spam, announcements or discussions of lucky chairs, midnight mania in group chat.  There are specific groups for those things.
  • Allowable links: ‘stuff directories, the lounge, SLurls to ongoing ‘stuff events (parties, gatherings, etc.), links of pictures in reference to finding where to purchase a specific type of hair/skin/etc.  (No store SLurls allowed.)
  • We share this group with almost 500 designers so be respectful and do not complain about a gift that a designer is offering to the group. It is rude, impolite and totally unnecessary. If you do not like the gift, just delete it.
  • During hunts, please do not give exact gift locations in the group or local chat. You may be banned from the store and ejected from the group.